Kids' Campaign

Fort Shilling - Under Siege

Day 18?

We continued with the assault on Fort Shilling…

Commander Griffith ordered the group to assault the tunnel and find a way to stop the flow of undead into the keep. But first, he “loaned” them the use of a couple of Pearls of Power that belong to the wizard, “Melkizar” whose workshop Aphrodite used to make potions for the garrison. So then the party entered the tunnel, pushing back zombies along the way. Ama turned undead three times, the first time destroying 6 zombies outright, then sending zombies back down the tunnel after that.

After clearing some space, they tied ropes around a couple of the (barely structurally sound) supports and pulled them down, collapsing the tunnel. That successfully blocked off the tunnel, but unfortunately, they did not travel far enough down the tunnel and pulled out the supports that were under the walls of the keep. Therefore, the collapse of the tunnel led to the collapse of the garrison wall. And with the garrison wall down, two Howlers leaped over the breach and nearly killed Aphroddite. But the party was able to defeat them and spend a few rounds healing their wounds.

But, with no rest for the wicked, the commander ordered all available soldiers to fill the breach and stop the goblins from entering the garrison while they retrieved some construction materials to make a basic barrier in the gap. After defeating the wave of goblins, Ama heard a voice in her head telling her to break the crystal hourglass that was in with the pearls of power. The powerful magic created a stasis field the enveloped all of the party except Jimmy and Pikacu. The stasis field granted everyone within it 24-hours to rest. To everyone outside the stasis field, only an instant has passed…


Dead_Zone Dead_Zone

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