Kids' Campaign

Into the Chamber of Crimson Sorrows - Part 4

Day 25

When we last left our heroes, they had rolled initiative and were ready to begin combat with… unknown invaders. And so that is where we left off.

Our intrepid team was ambushed by the invaders; a team of adventurers, much like themselves, yet different. The first attacker ran towards the three guards (while the other slept in the secret treasure room.) She then threw down her staff and it turned into a huge viper. Next, a dwarven fighter with a glaive ran into the room with a glassy rage, gleaming in his eye. From there, the team were back on their heels. Things looked grim. Nik went down, followed closely by Pikacu. But then, the magic ran out. The invaders moved in for the kill, out of combat spells. And the team took advantage of their mistake, with Nik dropping three of them in one massive cleaving swing. The others fell soon thereafter.

The team finished out the remainder of their 24-hour promise and divvied up the gear from the interlopers. Among the gear they found:

  • A black, magical jumpsuit that resembles a ninja outfit.
  • A magical staff that can turn into a snake.
  • A magical breastplate that always looks like it’s covered in ash.
  • A magical cloak that appears to be made from Autumn leaves.
  • A pair of magical bracers fashioned to look like giant beetles that bite down on the arms of the wearer.
  • A granite amulet with a platinum chain decorated with a carving of a wall,
  • And a silk rope, dyed a deep blue that hangs in the air when thrown, and grants access to an extradimensional crafting room.

And not to forget the picnic basket that was offered as payment.


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