Kids' Campaign

Into the Chambers of Crimson Sorrows - Part 2

Days 23 & 24

Our intrepid band of heroes progressed further into the caverns. They were assaulted by some squid-like creatures that dropped from the ceiling. They discovered bones of long-dead cavern-dwellers. And they were attacked by some “blurry” gnome-like creatures. But for their troubles, they did find some rewards. Among them, a small Khyber shard. Though not large enough for the ritual, still valuable, none the less. In addition, the gnomes had a magical buckler and a lot of copper and silver.

Nik was blinded in the attack, but Nik, Ama, Aphrodite and Toox have all accumulated enough experience to advance to 5th level. So Ama will be able to cure Nik’s blindness in the morning.


Dead_Zone Dead_Zone

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