Kids' Campaign

The Story Begins...

Campaign Log: Days 1 - 2

Our story begins with our would-be heroes arriving on the hamlet of Littleton the day before the start of the annual harvest festival. Littleton is famous throughout a good swath of the kingdom for its harvest festival. So much so that there are inns that go unused throughout much of the year only to be filled for the weeks surrounding the week-long harvest festival. Unfortunately, this means that there are few, if any rooms available; and those that are, charge a heavy price.

Several of our heroes meet at the Flaming Griffon Inn. (Yes, that Flaming Griffon… the one that’s renown for its Peach Cobbler.) Toox decided to get one of the two private rooms that the Flaming Griffon has available. (Which she ends up splitting with Pikacu Squrtalcharmander after a rousing session of dice. The rest of our stalwart band decides to rough-it on the common room floor.

The next morning, our heroes are awoken to the sounds of the festival. Throughout the morning, they decide to partake in several events, including a caber toss and musical chairs, among others. Some of our group notice an unusual number of people in fine clothing who appear to be wearing some sort of light armor under their clothes. They also hear rumors that the King, himself may be attending the festival.

As midday approaches, a scream is heard near the kissing booth. And our heroes decide to investigate. There they discover an attack by some undead creatures, assumed to be zombies. Pikacu attempts to be the opportunist and tries, unsuccessfully, to steal the coins from a dead man’s pouch without being seen. However, he managed to talk his way out of the situation after the threat was dealt with. (With the assistance of the unusually-dressed men.

And that is where we left our group. On the first day of the harvest festival, covered in blood and sweat from a fight with undead, wondering why this happened.


Dead_Zone Dead_Zone

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