Kids' Campaign

What now?

Day 18 (pt. 2)

…And the day started right after the battle against the skeletons & zombies. Pikacu was unconscious (from a throwing knife) and there were 5 remaining army soldiers. Maris became the new, acting commander. The crew healed up and rode north together with the soldiers, looking for the Littleton army. What they found appears to be an enemy encampment. After spotting the smoke from about 7-8 campfires, they snuck up and spotted, at a long distance, some humanoid creatures wandering the camp and many humanoid creatures being kept in cages. Soon thereafter, Pikacu and Panthera were spotted by some sentries. They returned to their group and discussed what to do next long enough that they were attacked by a search party. (some humans and two ogre slaves.) They defeated the search party and hunted down the one that almost got away. They then spent the last of their healing spells and retreated the way they came to find a safe place to stay the night.

And that’s where our story picks up. Finding a place to rest.


Dead_Zone Dead_Zone

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