Kids' Campaign

Into the Chamber of Crimson Sorrows - Part 4
Day 25

When we last left our heroes, they had rolled initiative and were ready to begin combat with… unknown invaders. And so that is where we left off.

Our intrepid team was ambushed by the invaders; a team of adventurers, much like themselves, yet different. The first attacker ran towards the three guards (while the other slept in the secret treasure room.) She then threw down her staff and it turned into a huge viper. Next, a dwarven fighter with a glaive ran into the room with a glassy rage, gleaming in his eye. From there, the team were back on their heels. Things looked grim. Nik went down, followed closely by Pikacu. But then, the magic ran out. The invaders moved in for the kill, out of combat spells. And the team took advantage of their mistake, with Nik dropping three of them in one massive cleaving swing. The others fell soon thereafter.

The team finished out the remainder of their 24-hour promise and divvied up the gear from the interlopers. Among the gear they found:

  • A black, magical jumpsuit that resembles a ninja outfit.
  • A magical staff that can turn into a snake.
  • A magical breastplate that always looks like it’s covered in ash.
  • A magical cloak that appears to be made from Autumn leaves.
  • A pair of magical bracers fashioned to look like giant beetles that bite down on the arms of the wearer.
  • A granite amulet with a platinum chain decorated with a carving of a wall,
  • And a silk rope, dyed a deep blue that hangs in the air when thrown, and grants access to an extradimensional crafting room.

And not to forget the picnic basket that was offered as payment.

Into the Chamber of Crimson Sorrows - Part 3
Day 24 - contd.

I missed a log.

Essentially, the PCs continued exploring the cavern and encountered a strange man who seemed to be expecting them. He told them that what they were looking for was in the chambers, below. But that there would be others coming to the chambers. And if they were willing, they should stay in the lower caverns for at least 24 hours and defend them. (Oh, and not touch any of the treasure that they found.) If they did this, he would provide them with a special picnic basket. Additionally, he was certain that the creatures that were coming would be well-equipped and that they would be allowed to keep any of the spoils that they earned defending the caverns.

The party found the treasure and set up watches. And so they lie in wait..

Into the Chambers of Crimson Sorrows - Part 2
Days 23 & 24

Our intrepid band of heroes progressed further into the caverns. They were assaulted by some squid-like creatures that dropped from the ceiling. They discovered bones of long-dead cavern-dwellers. And they were attacked by some “blurry” gnome-like creatures. But for their troubles, they did find some rewards. Among them, a small Khyber shard. Though not large enough for the ritual, still valuable, none the less. In addition, the gnomes had a magical buckler and a lot of copper and silver.

Nik was blinded in the attack, but Nik, Ama, Aphrodite and Toox have all accumulated enough experience to advance to 5th level. So Ama will be able to cure Nik’s blindness in the morning.

Into the Chambers of Crimson Sorrows - Part 1
Day 23, continued.

The party entered the chambers (caverns) and began the search for an exceptionally large Khyber shard. In the first chamber the party discovered some torture devices and a gargoyle. After dispatching the gargoyle, Ama cast a Detect Magic and discovered two sources of magic in the room, under an old cloth, on a table. Out of paranoia, the party very nearly left the chamber alone. But Picacu’s curiosity got the better of him, and he investigated. Under the blanket, he found two potions.

In a subsequent room, the party was attacked by another gargoyle. And later, by two spider swarms. The party found a caved-in tunnel and is continuing to search the caverns.

Find the Khyber Shard
Days 20-23

The party received their next assignment. Because the enemy was animating the fallen bodies of their enemies and soldiers, alike, the war was not going well. Each victory still felt like a loss because the size of the enemy army would grow. A method to prevent this is necessary to be able to win in the long run. Lord Braxis called our heroes and assigned them the task of finding a Khyber dragonshard large enough to be used in a ritual that will prevent the raising of undead in the area.

The group was airlifted for two days to the West, where Sarlona’s version of the Demon Wastes lies. There, they found a cavern which was known to go deep into the earth. (Which is the perfect place to find Khyber shards.) The party was given another “Sending Stick” to use to contact Braxis when they find a large enough shard. Once dropped off, they were ambushed by a hungry Digester. They defeated the creature and entered the cavern.

The cavern entrance was a relatively straight tunnel, partially manmade and partially natural. After following it for a while, it came to an end at a cliff face. The party tied a rope to a nearby rock and descended roughly 40’ down into a natural cavern. They chose the “left” tunnel and traveled down it for a while where they discovered an entrance (underneath a low wall) to another cavern. At the far end of that cavern is a natural tunnel which has obviously been excavated. And that’s where we left off.

Return to Clearwater
Day 19

The reinforcements arrived at Fort Schilling. And with the arrival of the reinforcements, our heroes departed upon the airships, back to Clearwater and Lord Braxis. When they arrived at Clearwater, they debriefed Lord Braxis and met Enu Wen, King Selvin’s personaly wizard. (It was Enu who telepathically instructed Ama to break the crystal hourglass.)

After the debriefing, they stopped in at the armory to upgrade some of their equipment. They spent time selling some of their loot. And Aphrodite spent time with Enu learning about magic and began crafting. (What she crafted will be determined after the game session.)

Ama went to the library to research Picacu’s marking on his back. Toox learned a but about Fire Lizards. And they are all waiting for their next assignment from Lord Braxis.

Assault on Fort Schilling - Part 4

…and so the boss fight begins… The Hobgoblin, Grunch walked arrogantly towards the entrance to the keep. Ama shot at him with her crossbow only to see the hobgoblin deflect the bolt aside with his bare hand. Other bolts and arrows flew in his direction, but were not on target. Shortly thereafter, she shot him again. Once again he deflected the bolt. But as he was busy deflecting that bolt, Jimmy took the opportunity to shoot him in the leg, prompting a snarl from the adversary.

While approaching, the hobgoblin cast a spell on his weapon, a darkened steel naginata. Toox was able to blast him twice with Magic Missile spells. After realizing that he underestimated this group, he drank a potion and with magical quickness closed the gap to the keep.

The battle was ferocious and began with a critical hit on Nik, dropping him unconscious. Magic missiles were hurled, arrows were fired (and often deflected) and blades were swung. The party put up a good fight; one that Grunch obviously underestimated. But the party was not quite strong enough to overcome his ability. And just when things look to be at their worst, two flying ships could be seen approaching quickly from the South. Grunch quickly surmised that the reinforcements would be too much and gathered up his forces and retreated.

And that’s where we are now. The party needs to speak to the new arrivals and decide upon their next course of action.

Assault on Fort Schilling - Part 3
After the stasis field

We picked up with the party (except for Pikacu and Jimmy) inside the stasis field. They and the few soldiers also caught up in the field easily dispatched the handful of goblins that were caught within the field. They healed up and used two of Ama’s open 2nd level spell slots to fill with Mending spells. The two Mending spells fixed about 5 feet (vertical) of the collapsed wall. After that, Toox cast a Web spell to block up the remaining gap.

When the field collapsed, the soldiers of the fort were amazed at the (mostly) fixed wall. But their rejoicing was short-lived, as the battering ram finally broke through the main gate. The attackers used this time as a personal respite, because with the breakthrough of the gate, the sounds of a tin whistle could be heard. Emerging from the woods were three things, the largest, meanest-looking hobgoblin the party has seen yet, a smaller, almost feeble-looking hobgoblin blowing a tin whistle and a hydra. And the hydra advanced on the keep.

Battle ensued. Jimmy took two shots at the hobgoblin with the whistle, with the second one hitting him in the gut. The largest hobgoblin looked angrily at the hobgoblin with the whistle, smacked him upside the head and pushed him back into the woods. Ama cast Spiritual Weapon and used it to attack the remaining hobgoblin. In the meantime, Panthera summoned some hippogriffs to aid in the battle, and Nik waited for the hydra to break through the Web spell that was blocking the gate. Eventually the party defeated the hydra. And so, with his pet destroyed and twilight giving way to the dark of night, the big hobgoblin slowly advanced towards the keep….

Fort Shilling - Under Siege
Day 18?

We continued with the assault on Fort Shilling…

Commander Griffith ordered the group to assault the tunnel and find a way to stop the flow of undead into the keep. But first, he “loaned” them the use of a couple of Pearls of Power that belong to the wizard, “Melkizar” whose workshop Aphrodite used to make potions for the garrison. So then the party entered the tunnel, pushing back zombies along the way. Ama turned undead three times, the first time destroying 6 zombies outright, then sending zombies back down the tunnel after that.

After clearing some space, they tied ropes around a couple of the (barely structurally sound) supports and pulled them down, collapsing the tunnel. That successfully blocked off the tunnel, but unfortunately, they did not travel far enough down the tunnel and pulled out the supports that were under the walls of the keep. Therefore, the collapse of the tunnel led to the collapse of the garrison wall. And with the garrison wall down, two Howlers leaped over the breach and nearly killed Aphroddite. But the party was able to defeat them and spend a few rounds healing their wounds.

But, with no rest for the wicked, the commander ordered all available soldiers to fill the breach and stop the goblins from entering the garrison while they retrieved some construction materials to make a basic barrier in the gap. After defeating the wave of goblins, Ama heard a voice in her head telling her to break the crystal hourglass that was in with the pearls of power. The powerful magic created a stasis field the enveloped all of the party except Jimmy and Pikacu. The stasis field granted everyone within it 24-hours to rest. To everyone outside the stasis field, only an instant has passed…

Fort Schilling
Days 18 - 20

We picked up after fighting off the search party (some humans and two ogre slaves). Our heroes were tired from pushing hard all day and fighting the search party. But they knew it was not safe to make camp so close to the fighting force that they saw earlier, so they headed West to look for a safe place to make camp. Indigo decided to help out and took to the air. Not fully understanding what he intended, the group tried to follow Indigo and eventually lost track of him. Eventually, he returned and led them to a fort in the wilderness… Fort Schilling.

The group was interrogated before being let into the fort. The moment the doors were let open, a fighting force from the woods attacked, but failed to reach the gates before they were closed. Our heroes discovered that Fort Schilling has been under siege for over a week. And somehow the party made it’s way through the attackers and into the fort. Once inside the fort, the 5 soldiers travelling with the group were assimilated and Maris’ field promotion was made official. For the next two days, the party healed up and helped out at the fort. As night was falling on the second day, Pikacu heard the sounds of metal striking stone coming from the well. It turned out to be tunnelers coming up. Zombies poured forth from the hole. Ama consecrated the area and turned the first wave. Nik sliced through two more. And that’s where we left off…


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