Kids' Campaign

Fort Schilling
Days 18 - 20

We picked up after fighting off the search party (some humans and two ogre slaves). Our heroes were tired from pushing hard all day and fighting the search party. But they knew it was not safe to make camp so close to the fighting force that they saw earlier, so they headed West to look for a safe place to make camp. Indigo decided to help out and took to the air. Not fully understanding what he intended, the group tried to follow Indigo and eventually lost track of him. Eventually, he returned and led them to a fort in the wilderness… Fort Schilling.

The group was interrogated before being let into the fort. The moment the doors were let open, a fighting force from the woods attacked, but failed to reach the gates before they were closed. Our heroes discovered that Fort Schilling has been under siege for over a week. And somehow the party made it’s way through the attackers and into the fort. Once inside the fort, the 5 soldiers travelling with the group were assimilated and Maris’ field promotion was made official. For the next two days, the party healed up and helped out at the fort. As night was falling on the second day, Pikacu heard the sounds of metal striking stone coming from the well. It turned out to be tunnelers coming up. Zombies poured forth from the hole. Ama consecrated the area and turned the first wave. Nik sliced through two more. And that’s where we left off…

What now?
Day 18 (pt. 2)

…And the day started right after the battle against the skeletons & zombies. Pikacu was unconscious (from a throwing knife) and there were 5 remaining army soldiers. Maris became the new, acting commander. The crew healed up and rode north together with the soldiers, looking for the Littleton army. What they found appears to be an enemy encampment. After spotting the smoke from about 7-8 campfires, they snuck up and spotted, at a long distance, some humanoid creatures wandering the camp and many humanoid creatures being kept in cages. Soon thereafter, Pikacu and Panthera were spotted by some sentries. They returned to their group and discussed what to do next long enough that they were attacked by a search party. (some humans and two ogre slaves.) They defeated the search party and hunted down the one that almost got away. They then spent the last of their healing spells and retreated the way they came to find a safe place to stay the night.

And that’s where our story picks up. Finding a place to rest.

First Contact
Day 18

We pick up right after the fight with the zombies in our heroes’ encampment. The team decided it would be best to complete their night of rest and memorize spells, again. After doing so, they went into town to find the town completely empty. After searching it for several hours it became clear that the townspeople were all missing. Including the “residents” of the local graveyard. It would seem that there were very few signs of struggle, and that the dead were all turned into undead. Checking for signs of where they all went, tracks leading north were found.

So our heroes set out to the North to find out more. A 90-minute travel up the road, on horseback, led them to the sounds of battle. A large group of zombies and skeletons were battling with a contingent of soldiers that appear to be from Littleton and some conscripted militia. The heroes sprang into battle to aid the soldiers. Ama was able to turn many of the undead. And with her newfound powers, all of the skeletons and a few of the zombies turned to dust. Many of the soldiers were lost in the fighting, but some were able to be saved. But before the fight was over, a mysterious figure appeared from the forest and threw some knives in the backside of Nik, nearly taking him out of the fight in one volley of knives. After a quick healing from Ama, Nik advanced on the figure and dealt a vicious blow to the attacker who, at this distance appears to be a woman. She then tumbled back into the forest and disappeared from sight.

The team turned its attention back towards the remaining undead… except Pikacu. He went to see what he could find in the vicinity of the woman’s last position. She threw one more knife at Pikacu, dropped him and left. And that’s where we are now. There are still some soldiers remaining. And the undead have been dealt with.

Towards the Front
Days 15 - 17

We began the session as the airship that our heroes were flying in was going down. The captain did a fine job of piloting the wounded craft into a crash that was survivable. The airship was demolished and the powerful fire elemental that was bound into service and a power source for the ship was set free. And it was mad. The creature went on a rampage killing everyone it could reach. Our heroes quickly jumped into action, still wounded from the fight with the air elemental and the crash, itself, even though they knew that they did not stand a chance against the creature.

As the captain emerged from the wreckage, he assessed the situation and immediately called for everyone to find a small, brass chest. Inside the chest was a magical “snowball” that, when hurled at the fire elemental, nearly froze it solid. I say, “nearly” because the creature was able to break free from the icy skin encasing it. However doing so used up much of it’s strength and from there, it was an easy matter to finish it off.

Our heroes then rested and tended to the wounded. The next morning thy set off to the North, following the captain’s directions, while the captain and remaining crew carried their wounded South to find their way back home. After a little more than 2 days walk, our heroes came across a small village in the early nighttime hours (due to pushing themselves through fatigue to get there.) In a cautious mood, they retreated back into the woodlands to make camp and approach the town in the morning. But in the night they were discovered by a group of zombies and another battle ensued.

Where did the zombies come from? What’s going on with the town? And how will they complete their current mission? Stay tuned to find out!

Missed Log Post
Days 13-14

The heroes were in the local pub eating when a high ranking official entered. He announced that all able bodied men were to report to the town square early the next morning for conscription into the military.

The heroes decided that they were going to volunteer their services as well, so early the next morning they headed to the town square. They were pulled aside by a representative of the king who had a special mission for them. They were recruited to head North and gain intelligence on the uprising and Ama was given an orb that would help them communicate their findings when they learned something important.

They set off in an airship with their horses and did their best to help out on the trip. When they drew close to their destination, they were set upon by an air elemental. A brutal battle ensued and the heroes took some damage before the elemental tore apart the front stabilizers sending the ship into a downward spiral.

The Delivery
Days 6-12

Days 6-8 were devoted mainly to recovering from the effects of Filth Fever. However, while Pikacu, Ama and Panthera were recovering, our other heroes were not idle. They celebrated a bit in the remains of the Harvest Festival, sold off as much of their loot as they could manage, had their potions identified and Toox both acquired the ingredients necessary to perform the Find Familiar ritual and performed the ritual. We now count Indigo the fire lizard among the roster of the valorous.

After 3 days, our sick heroes were recovered enough to travel to the capital city of Clearwater to deliver the onyx to King Selvin. However, Pikacu appears to have developed an aberrant dragonmark on his back. It’s large, like a syberis mark, but still unusual in that he has never before manifested any dragonmarks.

After a 3-day journey to Clearwater, our intrepid heroes were greeted by the king and granted audience. They handed over the onyx and proceeded to pester the busy king with all kinds of annoying questions. His patience wore thin and he eventually dismissed the group, who were (mostly) gifted with fine horses from the king’s personal stable.

And that’s where we left off… Our band of brethren are out and about in the big city, many for the first time, awaiting further adventure.

Completion of the First Quest
Days 4 & 5

We picked up immediately after our heroes’ battle against the Kobold Chieftain and High Priest. Two members of the group, Toox and Panthera (Wolf: Toby), were unconscious. Amaryllis (Ama) Thorngage used her last spell to heal Panthera, in the hopes that Panthera happened to have a healing spell available to heal Toox. But alas, she did not. So the group first searched the bodies of the kobolds and discovered little of actual worth. However both the High Priest and the Chieftain had what appeared to be dragonmarks on their bodies. This seemed unusual, since kobolds are not know to be bearers of dragonmarks.

They did not dwell on that for long, and carried Toox’s limp body over to the area where the High Priest emerged, earlier. There they found a worship area, complete with some type of shrine and a large, red crystal that had some kind of hypnotic properties and gave off a warm, inviting glow. Pikacu Squrtalcharmander was the first to enter that chamber, with the intent of scouting it out. But he became entranced by the stone. One-by-one, most of the group entered the shrine area and resisted the enchanting warmth of the crystal. When Jimmy attempted to carry it out of the shrine in his helm, it began to vibrate and then exploded. Not to be forgotten, the heroes found a large, perfect Onyx resting on the shrine, as well. They believe that this is the onyx that King Selvin asked them to retrieve.

After resting, Ama healed Toox and our heroes began searching the caverns. They discovered a chest in the “throne room” and a side area of living quarters. And most importantly, the exit that they now needed after the cave-in. Swimming out of another underground stream, they discovered a cavern containing a nest and two eggs. Jimmy believes them to be Fire Lizard eggs. They were colder than they should have been, so our heroes took them with them and returned to Littleberg. There, they discovered that King Selvin had returned to his castle and left an emissary in his place. And Panthera, Ama and Picacu all became ill.

Into the Lair
Day 3

Our heroes went down the stairs carved into the Cliffside. Pikacu stepped on a trapped stair which collapsed under him, but once again, he was saved by his catlike reflexes and avoided tumbling down 40+ feet of stairs.

Next, we explored the bottom of the loading room and followed the underground river into a very large cavern, filled with an underground lake and the lair of several kobolds. They were immediately attacked by the defenders of the lair. Several waves of attackers arrived and were defeated. But at some cost; enough that the party decided to commandeer the guard huts to try to get some rest…. Um… not a wise idea. A couple hours into the watch they were ambushed by the kobold chieftain and one of his guards as well as the high priest. Several of our intrepid heroes fell, but ultimately, they were victorious, despite the…. unbelievable actions of Pikacu who thought it would be funny to steal Toox’s bottle of wine and pretend to be stumbling drunk when they woke up. Which meant playing the role even in the middle of a combat that was nearly killing his comrades. I think our party is going to have a serious talk to Pikacu.

And that is where we left off. Several PCs are still unconscious. The rest are wounded to some degree.

The Secret Caverns - part 2
Day 3

Our stalwart heroes needed rest. They camped out in the cave with the loading platform. During second watch, Pikacu and Toox heard noises coming from the rest of the caves. In the morning, they adventured out and discovered that the bodies of the dead dire rats from the prior day were gone. While investigating the large cavern, Toox was ambushed and hit with three small spears at once. Combat ensued. When it was over, our heroes were bloodied and 6 kobolds were dead. Two of them had higher-quality weapons and armor… well, higher-quality for kobolds, anyway.

Our heroes also found a captured “human” in the cages with the dire rats. They rescued him and learned that his name is Jimmy.

Lastly, they found a brass key on one of the elite kobold guards and discovered that it opens the door at the end of the hallway.

The Secret Caverns
Day 2 (contd.)

We pick up moments after our previous log. Pikacu Squrtalcharmander left the cave with the giant centipedes in the middle of the battle. (“Left” is the polite term. “Running and screaming like a little girl” might be more accurate.) He did not get far, though. About 15’ down the cavern, he fell victim to a pit trap. Despite the pit, his expert, rogue-like reflexes served him well. He took no damage from the fall and was able to easily climb his way out of the pit. Meanwhile, the rest of our erstwhile party finished defending themselves from the giant centipede onslaught, a little worse for wear.

From there, our companions began searching out the cavern system. A series of steps and caverns led them to another trap. Pikacu was able to discover the trap, but failed miserable when trying to disable it. With a face full of needle-like darts, Pikacu asked for some healing.

Shortly thereafter, a low “boom” and rumble could be both heard and felt. The caverns shook and a stalagmite near Billy came crashing down, nearly missing him. Moments later, a swarm of rats came running out from the direction of the centipede room. The group (mostly) fought the swarm, Pikacu and Billy both continued to explore, leaving their companions to fight on their own. Billy was a bit too aggressive in his searching, though. He decided to investigate a dark, pit-like area without any assistance or light source. This led to his death. He stepped off of a 50’ cliff and fell. Meanwhile, 3 dire rats joined the ruckus from an unexplored direction. The dire rats were defeated, but the swarm was more difficult to tackle. They, the rats, were not exactly interested in fighting, though. Those rats seemed to be running from something. They continued to run. They ran into another cavern, into a waterfall, and down into a lower cavern.

And this is where we left our team, beaten up, down a team member, tired and somewhat confused, thinking strongly about finding a safe place to rest.


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