Kids' Campaign

Completion of the First Quest

Days 4 & 5

We picked up immediately after our heroes’ battle against the Kobold Chieftain and High Priest. Two members of the group, Toox and Panthera (Wolf: Toby), were unconscious. Amaryllis (Ama) Thorngage used her last spell to heal Panthera, in the hopes that Panthera happened to have a healing spell available to heal Toox. But alas, she did not. So the group first searched the bodies of the kobolds and discovered little of actual worth. However both the High Priest and the Chieftain had what appeared to be dragonmarks on their bodies. This seemed unusual, since kobolds are not know to be bearers of dragonmarks.

They did not dwell on that for long, and carried Toox’s limp body over to the area where the High Priest emerged, earlier. There they found a worship area, complete with some type of shrine and a large, red crystal that had some kind of hypnotic properties and gave off a warm, inviting glow. Pikacu Squrtalcharmander was the first to enter that chamber, with the intent of scouting it out. But he became entranced by the stone. One-by-one, most of the group entered the shrine area and resisted the enchanting warmth of the crystal. When Jimmy attempted to carry it out of the shrine in his helm, it began to vibrate and then exploded. Not to be forgotten, the heroes found a large, perfect Onyx resting on the shrine, as well. They believe that this is the onyx that King Selvin asked them to retrieve.

After resting, Ama healed Toox and our heroes began searching the caverns. They discovered a chest in the “throne room” and a side area of living quarters. And most importantly, the exit that they now needed after the cave-in. Swimming out of another underground stream, they discovered a cavern containing a nest and two eggs. Jimmy believes them to be Fire Lizard eggs. They were colder than they should have been, so our heroes took them with them and returned to Littleberg. There, they discovered that King Selvin had returned to his castle and left an emissary in his place. And Panthera, Ama and Picacu all became ill.


Dead_Zone Dead_Zone

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