Kids' Campaign

Testing the Spire - Day 3

Day 36

The group decided that after scouting the enemy camp and seeing that the enemy was breaking camp, they decided to try to get the littleton army to attack. Maris was not willing to commit to an attack because of the state of his troops. Amma managed to convince him to let them take up to 20 men (volunteers, only) with them; however, her “rousing speech” was rather lackluster and only managed to convince 10 men to go with them.

Upon arrival at the camp, they prepped their spells and engaged the enemy force which consisted of a group of Skeletons, a group of zombies, two ogres and their leader, a divine spellcaster. During the melee, one of the ogres managed to snatch the spire out of Amma’s hand and throw it back towards his leader. Just then, Indigo swooped down and snatched the spire out of the air, only to find that it was too heavy for him and he had to drop it. In the meantime, Nik was laid low by the other ogre and Pikacu invisibly snuck up on the caster and stole the amulet from around his neck (which absorbed some magic missiles, earlier in the combat.) The theft made Pikacu visible, again and the caster was not happy. He cast a spell, touched Pikacu with his magically charged hand and Pikacu felt as though he very nearly died, but managed to stay alive. While the rest of the team finished dispatching the remaining undead and ogres, the caster sent another evil spell towards Pikacu and Jimmy. Jimmy took some damage and began vomiting. Pikacu did not have the strength left to resist the spell and fell into unconsciousness.

Seeing that the magical Spire was no longer easy pickings, the caster let the party leave in exchange for his amulet. After some small amount of debate, the party agreed…. sort of. Jimmy vomited on the amulet and threw it back at the caster. Then they left.


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