Kids' Campaign

Testing the Spire

Day 35

Okay, so this was mostly a catching up night. But the heroes did accept their mission to test out Enu’s Spire and report back on its results. They were flown out to the front, which they noticed is not only a day’s flight by ship, whereas it was a three-day trip their first time out.

When they arrived, they met Sergeant Maris, who has apparently been doing well since they last met, and has managed to stay alive and is in command of some troops on the front lines. They have been in a steady fighting retreat for days and are glad that the heroes have arrived with a secret weapon.

The heroes arrived in the late morning and are preparing for a surprise assault in the early evening. (Because the undead army has attacked every evening for weeks, now due to their advantage in the darkness.) The heroes are due to test the spire for three days before being picked up by the airship on the third day to report back.

We begin now, with the assault…


Dead_Zone Dead_Zone

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