Magic Item Concepts

Assassin’s Skin
This article of clothing takes up the armor, boots, gloves and the Helmet/Head slots.
It is a skin-tight black jumpsuit, covered with small bands of black leather. When the entire outfit is worn, including the head mask, it confers the following benefits upon the wearer:

  • Allows wearer to store up to 5 small items such that they can be “quick drawn” (retrieved as a quick action.)
  • Provides an Armor bonus of +6 (no Max Dex Bonus)
  • +5 to Hide checks – enhancement bonus
  • +5 to Move Silently checks – enhancement bonus
  • +5 to Jump checks – enhancement bonus
  • +5’ to your base speed.
  • +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity
  • 3/day – You may change your appearance as if casting Alter Self. (+10 bonus to Disguise checks.)

Snake Staff
This plain wooden staff appears to be two pieces of wood, intertwined around each other. At the head of the staff, each piece of wood is shaped like the head of a serpent, biting the other.

  • One “snake” can animate at a time. One is a viper, the other a constrictor.
    • Large Viper
    • Medium Constrictor
  • By allowing the staff to bite the bearer when activating a snake, the activated snake can be follows:
    • 5HP – Huge Viper
    • 10HP – Huge Constrictor
    • 15HP – Huge Constrictor with the Poison ability of the Huge Viper.
  • If a snake reaches 0 HP, it returns to staff form and cannot be activated for 24 hours.
  • Owner gains a +5 resistance bonus to saves vs. Poison whenever the viper is not activated.
  • Owner gains a +5 on checks to escape a Grapple when the Constrictor is not activated.
  • Attacks as a +1 Staff.
  • Requires “Wild Empathy” class feature to control the snakes.

Picnic Basket

  • 3/day: Produces a meal appropriate to the time of day. Feeds 6. Includes water and 1 glass/mug of wine or ale.
  • 1/day: Purify Food/Water.
  • 1/week: If the owner uses a channeling (turning) attempt, can case Hero’s Feast.

Armor of Ik’thorath
This Cold Iron breastplate looks like it was scorched black in some great fire. Although the scorch marks can be rubbed off, they slowly come back, perpetually covering the otherwise exceptional finish of this armor.

  • Enhancement bonus equal to 1 plus character level / 5.
  • Grants Rage 1/day.
  • Grants resistance to Electricity = 1 / character level
  • Grants resistance to Acid, Col & Fire = 1 / 3 character levels
  • Grants +5 on saves vs. Poison
  • “the bad stuff”

Woodland Cloak
This cloak looks to be make of many overlapping autumn leaves. (leaves change to green when needed.)

  • Grants resistance bonus equal to 1/5 character level (round down) + 1.
  • Grants continuous Endure Elements effect.
  • Wearer can cast Barkskin 3/day with a range of Self, only. (Wears off if the cloak is removed.)
  • When in natural surroundings…
    • +5 to Hide & Move Silently.
    • Can “disappear” into a swirl of leaves 3/day

Bracers of the Great Bargain
These leather forearm bracers are expertly fashioned to look like beetles and are somewhat reminiscent of Dalkeyr Symbionts. When worn they would give the appearance of the beetle eating the arms of the bearer. When donned by an arcane caster for the first time (only) the wearer “hears” the following whispered question: “Will you make a sacrifice for my gifts?

  • If the answer is, “No” then the bracers function as Bracers of Armor +2.
  • If the answer is, “Yes” then the bracers “bite” down on the arms of the wearer and function in the following way…
    • The bracers cannot be removed without a Wish, Limited Wish or a Remove Curse cast by at least an 11th level caster.
    • The wearer loses the ability to cast any 0-level spells.
    • The wearer permanent loses 1HP/level which cannot be healed while the bracers are worn.
    • The wearer gains a minor, but persistent cough.
    • The AC bonus granted by the bracers increase to 2+(level/3) (round down).
    • The cost of the Empower Spell metamagic feat is reduced by one spell level.
    • The cost of the Quicken Spell metamagic feat is reduced by one spell level.
    • The wearer gains the Silent Spell metamagic feat.
    • 1/day, the wearer can Quicken a spell for free, even if he does not have the Quicken Spell feat.
    • The wearer gains SR equal to Arcane caster level + 5. As an immediate action, the wearer can sacrifice Hit Points to increase this value on a 1 for 1 basis. The increase lasts until the end of the wearer’s next action.
      • The wings of the bracers “flutter” whenever a spell is negated by this SR.

Amulet of the Defender
Hanging from a platinum chain is a granite amulet embossed with an image of a great wall

  • When worn by someone who has the ability to turn undead, the amulet activates, conferring the wearer with…
    • a +2 Sacred bonus to AC
    • a +1 Sacred bonus to Saving Throws
    • a +2 Sacred bonus to Initiative
  • When the wearer spends a turning attempt, as a standard action, he can choose one of the following benefits…
    • +3 to caster level for the purposes of casting spells for 1 minute.
    • One weapon carried by the wearer gains the Defending, Ghost Touch or Merciful quality for 1 minute.
    • One weapon carried by the wearer gains the Holy quality for 1 minute. (uses two turning attempts.)
    • The wearer’s armor gains the Ghost Touch, Invulnerability or Slick (Greater) quality for 1 hour per level of Divine Caster.

Crafter’s Rope
The rope looks like an ordinary 25’ length of silk rope, dyed a deep blue. When thrown into the air, it unfurls and hangs in midair.

  • The rope can cast the spell Rope Trick at will, (treating the thrower’s level as the caster level) with the following modifications:
    • Inside the extradimensional space is a fully-stocked magic item crafting space, including a special chest. Anything inside this extra-large chest is not expelled from the extradimensional space when the duration of the Rope Trick expires. Any non-living matter left inside the chest is maintained in stasis until the Rope is used next. Any living matter left in the chest is destroyed when the Rope Trick expires.

Magic Item Concepts

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